Business Areas

A world without energy is unthinkable. Everything moves and depends on energy. In our advanced societies, any interruption in the supply of power including a complete mains supply failure demonstrates how fundamental energy is to our daily lives.

If we are to maintain the delicate balance between man and nature, energy must also be managed, generated and delivered safely and in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Environmental considerations are now central to almost every project and investment decision, reflecting the real need we face to change our thinking about energy generation and consumption.


Our core business is the energy conversion and the manufacture of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), devices that ensure power quality and business continuity, guaranteeing power supply and the correct operation of systems even in the event of critical situations
The Riello Elettronica Group is passionate about reducing energy consumption in order to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet. We aim to achieve this through a combination of environmentally friendly projects, investment and research into new technologies for clean and renewable sources, and through the creation of solar energy conversion systems (inverters).


The Group have a strong presence in the sector of command and control systems for domestic and industrial automation.
We work with passion for progress with the utmost respect for laws and standards and the environment. We draw up, develop, produce and distribute complete automation systems for access control.

Safety & Security

We design and manufacture a complete range of solutions for intrusion, fire detection and domotics.
Our products are designed to ensure optimum performance and the highest levels of employee safety and we utilise advanced technologies to create products that conform to international quality standards.

Real Estate

The Group conducts its business activities through a real estate property management and also through the activities of environmental protection with investment in agricultural holdings aimed at the enhancement and recover of the territory.

Business Units


Leader in the power continuity
thanks to a comprehensive range of professional UPS
(Uninterruptible Power Supplies).

Photovoltaic Inverter (PV) and Energy Storage Systems to cover every need, from small domestic systems to solar power plants.


A wide range of automation systems for access control.

Hydraulic plants, lubrication and automation installations for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Safety & Security

Systems for intrusion, fire alarm and domotics.

Products for the safety of workers in dangerous areas.


Continuing growth and successful figures; this is Riello Elettronica, expression of its entrepreneurial tradition towards innovation, global challenges and the development of technology 'made in Italy' in international markets.

260 Million Euro Turnover
24 Controlled Companies
1000 Employees
8 Production Sites
News about Riello Eletronica Group:

Technology and innovation have always been the hallmarks of Riello Elettronica. They are the drivers behind our success – both globally and locally – and the outward expression of the entrepreneurial legacy that has its roots in Verona and surrounding areas. We are proud to maintain strong links withour local communities through our sponsorship and donation programmes which support local cultural, sporting and charitable activities and reflects the increasing social responsibility of the Group.

Viale Europa, 7
37045 Legnago (VR) - ITALY
Tel.: +39 0442 635811 - Fax: +39 0442 629098

Riello UPS races into the future with Formula E

The Riello Elettronica group’s core brand “Riello UPS”, a world leader in the manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies and a committed advocate of green energy solutions, is Audi’s partner in the 2018/19 FIA Formula E Championship for electric cars. Power, technology, innovation and above all “green” will be the keywords of the Riello UPS commitment to Formula E.