“We aim at guaranteeing maximum working continuity, the latest domestic automation as well as absolute civil and industrial safety. Our work involves proposing innovative ideas effectively designed to improve the work and life of everyone. We increase our know-how daily through constant updating with regard to technologies and through heavy investment in research and development, thereby allowring us to emerge at world level.”

Pierantonio Riello

About us

Successfully led by Pierantonio Riello since its incorporation, Riello Elettronica is the holding Company of a group of businesses operating within high technology sectors

Founded in 1986, Riello Elettronica initially manufactured switching power supplies for information technology applications, before moving into the manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The Riello UPS brand is now a world leader in the uninterruptible power supplies market.
In 1995 Riello Elettronica took on its present structure, organised as a holding company with shares in the Group's businesses. The core business in the meantime was extended to include energy, automation and safety.
Riello Elettronica becomes a fundamental part of the new born Riello Industries, operational arm of the Family Company founded by the third generation of Riello brothers (Pierantonio, Andrea, Giuseppe and Nicola Riello) and chaired by the father Dr. Pilade Riello, who has been the driving force behind the growth and success of the renowed company in the heating sector.